Schools are busy places with students, staff and visitors moving between buildings for classes, meals, clubs and more. Covered walkways offer robust protection against weather elements such as rain, wind and sun to help people move around a school or college easily and safely.

Most modern educational institutions have a wide range of buildings spread across their site and this can create a lot of movement between them. This is a challenge for staff and students, particularly when the weather turns bad. Moving between buildings in a storm can lead to slips, trips and collisions and can be particularly stressful for young people.

Adding covered walkways for schools to a school site can greatly reduce the impact of these issues. These installation provide sheltered outdoor space for students to walk between buildings and can be designed to include seating areas, educational displays and more. Creating these types of spaces can also encourage social interaction between students, helping develop a strong sense of community and support learning outside the classroom environment.

Aside from their protective qualities, a well-designed walkway can have a number of aesthetic benefits for the whole school site. The walkways can be designed to complement the existing architecture and landscaping, enhancing the overall appearance of the facility. This can make it more appealing for parents and children who are looking at schools to choose a specific one and can improve the school’s reputation among potential applicants.

In many cases, the construction of a walkway is much more cost-effective than building a new classroom block or building an extension on to a school or college. As a result, the construction of a covered walkway can be a good investment for any school or college that wants to improve its facilities and create a safe and secure environment for its students.

For example, a recent project we completed was for a school in the UK where we installed a covered walkway to provide sheltered outdoor space for students to use during breaks and lunchtimes. The walkway was designed to be long enough to accommodate the school’s main corridors and create a sheltered space between two of the main school buildings. In addition, the walkway was equipped with a retractable roof that can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions. The system can also be fitted with a sun-blinding fabric that will help to reduce the impact of the sunlight and protect students from harmful UV rays. The canopy can be customised with a range of colours and materials to suit the school’s branding and match the surrounding landscape. This can also help to improve the overall aesthetic of the school grounds and provide a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. To find out more about the design of a covered walkway for your school, please get in touch with us today. Our team of experts can help you create a bespoke solution that suits your needs and budget.